Blue Ridge Singers

A number of the founding members of the Blue Ridge Singers have very deep roots in choral singing in the northern Shenandoah Valley, going back over 30 years. Many Blue Ridge Singers members have been involved in local musical groups.

In 2009 Pat Spory and her daughter Beth Whitney, desired to initiate a new choral ensemble which would perform challenging music in a variety of styles, including jazz, gospel, ethnic pieces, folk songs, etc. and which would include both sacred and secular compositions. They sought to focus less on larger well known sacred works already being performed by area choral groups and more on a variety of chamber choir music. A secondary intention was having a choir which would be multi-generational. Tom Bowen, choral teacher at Skyline High School, was asked to conduct the new group. In order to attract additional talented singers, auditions became a part of admission and the choir grew in all age groups.

In the spring of 2011, Tom Bowen was unable to continue as conductor; Dr. Jeffrey Alban was invited to become the artistic director and conductor of the Blue Ridge Singers. In the summer of 2011, Dan Miller joined the artistic staff as accompanist. Since his arrival, Dr. Alban has helped to expand the choir with talented new voices and introduced new repertoire involving guest instrumentalists. The choir continues to be multi-generational with a number of family relationships among the singers. It is also multi-denominational, with members coming from a variety of spiritual practices, but they are united by the joy of singing and a strong desire to create beautiful music together.

Dr. Jeffrey Alban was appointed artistic director of BRS in June of 2011. Under his leadership, BRS currently has twenty-three singers. Presenting two concert sessions in December and April, the singers will present many familiar and newly-composed works for chamber choir.